We are very surprised by the explosive response from mailing list customers, restaurateurs and writers for our Roussanne/Marsanne. We love this wine, but did not realize that wine lovers everywhere were waiting for a structured, complex, food-friendly white wine. Well, hallelujah! Unfortunately, we grow less than one combined acre of Roussanne and Marsanne. And let me tell you, Nick tears his hair out growing that half an acre (boy, is Roussanne a trying child). If the wine were not so delicious we would have grafted over to something a little more reliable years ago.

2014 Estate Roussanne/Marsanne, Sonoma Coast :: To be released in Fall

Tasting Notes

Roussanne and Marsanne are impossible to grow on our vineyard due to their need for more sun than we typically ever have. We pick Marsanne as it is rotting on the vine (not to worry we cut the rot out of the vineyard during the fall and also sort after picking) and we harvest the Roussanne at absurdly low sugar levels in November. By that time the vines have shut down so we need it off the vine or we experience nutrient issues that complicate winemaking. As a result, we have made this wine in only 6 of the last 10 vintages. We would rip out the 0.6 acres except every once in a while a vintage like 2013 comes along and we are able to make a complex, nuanced, arresting wine that shows what we can do when the stars align. So, we persist in supporting our beloved charity case. Sigh.

The nose is focused and not fat or rich smelling. It includes aromas of honeysuckle and almond skin (green and nutty) with hints of kaffir lime. The texture on the mouth is silky and round but not cloying or heavy. Notes of kumquat, limestone and lemon persist on a very long and intense finish. Again, this wine is very appealing right out of the gate though it will be an entirely different wine with 7-10 years of age as the direct, citrus and floral flavors mellow and oxidative flavors add weight and nuance.

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