Ama: Our Newest Offspring

I traveled a lot this past year. As you know from this spring’s newsletter, I had discovered the holy grail—our 2009 wines —and I was out spreading the gospel across our Great Nation.

Introducing Peay Estate Tempranillo

Back in May, some folks from the Nature Conservancy stopped by the vineyard. As part of the research that would form open space and wildland conservation policy for the area, they wanted to know the desires and behavior of an environmentally-conscientious grapegrower.

A Thesis of Kinesis

Being a mom to a single child, it is hard to imagine how my parents managed to take care of four children. I was the youngest of a brood of girls so I envisage that it was either reliance on sibling supervision and/or partly benign neglect that was the approach to childcare.

Getting Flack for Floc

Earlier this summer our little Sonoma Coast family gathered with the rest of the Peays for a momentous trip to the southwest of France. Before we left for the journey, I opened up my wine atlas of France to check out what wine regions we would be in or nearby.

Pass the Humus, Please

I would like to get heavy on you here. Consider the amount of effort you exert maintaining or creating order in your life: your sock drawer, your appointment calendar, your garage.

Introducing the West Sonoma Coast

The Sonoma Coast appellation is huge, encompassing the entire coast plus half of the inland county of Sonoma all the way east to Sonoma Mountain and south to Carneros.excerpt

Anticipa-A-A-tion, It’s Making Me Wait

My female compatriots think I married a renaissance man. My husband Nick picked out my engagement ring all by himself. Despite having absolutely no guidance from me, I not only approved of his selection but also loved it. When I share this with inquiring friends, Nick groans, “Why do you have to tell people?”

Who’s Your Daddy?

Out here in the vineyard, winter is our slow season. On days that are not filled with rain, we prune last year’s growth. The downtime due to the rain gives us time for winery projects.

A Rebuttal

I appreciate when a wine writer attempts to zero in on the cause of a generally perceived shortcoming.

Bringing Up Baby, Syrah

I used to tell people that as grape-growers, Nick and I have 60,000 babies: that, (or to be exact, 58,754) is the number of vines we farm.

Rambling in the Rhône

I am a bad traveler. I find it difficult to leave the vineyard for any great length of time unless we travel during the month of January. Even then, ten days is a long time for me to be away. Like a Steinbeck character I am chained to my land out in the nether regions of the coast.

Picking When Ripe-The Gestation of a Grape?

If you ask me what I believe in, I’d have to say I believe in biology. That is, I believe things on this here planet work in biological systems. So I think about most aspects of life in biological terms. People often ask me how I determine when to pick grapes. This is an interesting question.